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Author Publicity and Author Promotion

Every effective author publicity campaign starts out with a press release. Always has. Always will. And, now, AuthorPublicity is making it easier than ever to let your press release jump-start a successful author publicity campaign for you. Enhancing your book discovery potential is what AuthorPublicity is all about.

Book promotion has changed over the years. And AuthorPublicity has evolved to help you leverage the latest book promotion opportunities.

In the old days, the best you could do to promote your book was to write a press release and send it out to the media. Then you would sit back and hope that producers, editors, journalists, and other media decision makers would call you. The odds of being discovered by the media and your potential readers were slim, and there wasn’t a whole lot you could do to stack the odds in your favor.

But times have changed for book promotion strategies, and the way that book publicists promote authors has changed, too. AuthorPublicity was designed to take advantage of the new book publicity opportunities.

Now, if your press release has an online presence, it can do much of the book marketing heavy lifting. Your press release can draw the media to your book and to you — and it can help potential book buyers find you, too.

AuthorPublicity provides an online place for your press release to be seen. It is an article bank exclusively for authors and their books.

Since press releases serve more purposes than they did before, their style and content have changed. Writing an advertisement for your book, and calling it a press release, will no longer work. Today’s most effective press releases are designed to help you rise above the competition and disseminate your messages. They’re attention-grabbing and informational. They’re keyword rich and newsworthy, and they integrate the phrases and concepts that will draw the search engines to you. At AuthorPublicity, we help you maximize your press release to reach the media and your readers. We help you increase your online footprint so that, when people search for your subject matter, they can find your book and you.

Whether you have a press release that you’re ready to post online immediately, or whether you’d like to have us create one for you, isn’t it time to discover how AuthorPublicity can help get your book the attention it deserves? Also, ask about our book publishing and book marketing services exclusively for indie authors.