What Is Your Talent? Music icon Jimmy Osmond pens lively children’s book that draws on his personal story to encourage children to find their special talent—and use it!

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Stacey J. Miller Email: sjmiller at bookpr.com Washington, D.C.— Possum Number One plays the saxophone. Number Two plays the piano. But Number Nine can’t seem to figure out what talent he can bring to the Awesome Possum Family Band’s big TV debut. In his fun new children’s book Awesome […]

Going to the Extreme for Adventure . . . and for Romance

LOS ANGELES, California — April 1, 2014. Extreme sports can be dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as falling in love with the handsome athlete who had made a career of winning at everything — including boarding, business, acting, and women. You’d have to be suicidal — or insane — to do the things Hunter Dillon did, Gina Taylor believed as she watched television footage of the athlete hitting the edge of a ramp, flying fifty feet or more into the air, and amazingly, landing in perfect condition. [Click title for full release]