Throw Away the Toxins With the Cottonseed And Immediately Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

There is one thing that Congress and President Obama can agree on: none of them want to develop Alzheimer’s, and they don’t want their family members and loved ones to suffer from it, either. According to Bruce Semon, MD and PhD, there is a way to prevent Alzheimer’s which would also bring about tremendous healthcare savings. [Click title for full release]

Are the Days of After School Snacks Gone? No, According to One Self-Proclaimed Microwave Mug Cake Fan

There was a time when lucky kids would come home from school to find their mothers taking freshly-baked cookies out of the oven. Those mothers are working now, and they’re just too tired afterwards to get all of their baking gear together, take cookie sheets in and out of the oven, and then clean up a mess in the kitchen. They’re also watching calories, and they don’t want dozens of baked goods lying around for days at a time to tempt them into eating way more than they should. That’s where microwave mug cakes really earn their keep! [Click title for full release]