Indie Authors

Are you an indie author in need of a turnkey book publishing and book marketing solution?

At AuthorPublicity, we offer these packages:

  • Book Publishing Coaching. We can shepherd your book through the book publishing process. Whether you need editing, book cover creation, page design, book publishing and distribution, author platform creation, or book publicity, we can bring together right team for your project.
  •  eBook Editing. Why isn’t your eBook getting the respect it deserves? Every book needs an editor, and here at AuthorPublicity, we provide copyediting and proofreading services so that your eBook will be ready for publication (or re-publication) and public appraisal.
  • eBook Promotion. Indie authors can increase their book discovery potential. The process begins with a press release and dissemination, and continues with book publicity strategies designed especially for eBook authors. Give your eBook the promotion opportunities that every indie author deserves!

Isn’t it time you turned your book idea into a successful platform for building your brand and letting readers know about your work? Get in touch with AuthorPublicity today for book publishing and book marketing solutions designed with indie authors in mind!  Click here to let us know how we can help with your indie book publishing project. We’ll quote you a price on the services you need.