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The 25 by Ace Bryant

The "Mama Mia, Part 2" movie was supposed to be the cultural highlight of my summer. That let me down, bigly. I am not easy to please. There are 844 books downloaded onto my Kindle and another 2,197 archived items. (I call my Kindle "Cokie" for a reason.) That's 3,041 ebooks, and I don't even want to tell you how many actual printed books I have stacked in every nook and cranny (in fact, I may be wearing several of them). The point here is that I have way too much reading material to whine that I have "nothing to read." But, for much of the summer, I flitted about from book to book, taking a few sips of one and lingering for a couple of days at another, but savoring few of them for very long. Nothing captivated me. It was not a good season for beach reading. Until Ace Bryant's The 25 came along. Ace Bryant, you rescued me from a summer of aimless meandering. You gave me a book that I could sink my pointy, over-sized, nearly imp