How Stormy Daniels and the Adult Entertainment Industry Have Changed Our Tastes, Behaviors, and Culture

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How Stormy Daniels and the Adult Entertainment Industry
Have Changed Our Tastes, Behaviors, and Culture
Stormy Daniels has becomefront page news. Some people have reproached her morals. There were those who admired her astute business sense. Still others wondered how the president of the United States could have let himself become involved, both physically and financially, with someone who had built a thriving career in the pornography industry.
Comedian Chelsea Handler praised Stormy Daniels by saying, "She's destigmatizing porn stars in front of the entire world She's not stupid. She's not an idiot. She's not a bimbo. She's focused and she's relentless and she's honest, and you know what? It's great. This is the year of the woman,…

Andy Williams Performing Arts Center Wins Beautification Award

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Andy Williams Performing ArtsCenter Wins Beautification Award

The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center is proud to announce that it has won the City Beautification Award. The Tree Board presents Beautification Awards to commercial properties that have made significant landscaping improvements and have helped to make Branson, Missouri a better place to live, work, and visit.
Theatre Manager, Icy Wyatt accepted the award on behalf of Jimmy Osmond. "We are honored that the theatre is receiving this recognition," Wyatt says. "We also want to acknowledge our landscaper, Green Side Up, and Jim Contreras, who takes care of the Koi pond and does maintenance on the grounds on a daily basis."
The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center's design reflects the beauty and environmental integrity for the surroun…

Free Food Distribution at Powers Farm in Randolph, MA Is Now a Weekly Event

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Free Food Distribution at Powers Farm in Randolph, MA Is Now a Weekly Event 
RANDOLPH, MA, May 14 — Free Fresh Fruits and Produce Distribution takes place every Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM at 592 North Main Street, Powers Farm, Randolph, Massachusetts.

The initiative started during the government shutdown when a few concerned Randolph residents reached out to Town Councillor Natacha Clerger to help one family. "I would cook food and bring it over to the kids while the parents were at work," Clerger recalls. "Then it was three families, and then ten. Since I could not afford to feed so many, I approached a few contacts that I have in Boston, and that was the beginning. I had so much produce to donate the first day that I decided to open it to the entire town and anyone who feels the need."

Feline Operation Barfitty Blues

Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal

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Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal

"Everyone's heard of the college admissions scandal by now. It's time to learn about the college emissions scandal. It also stinks." So says Stacey J. Miller, author of the new book, Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal (BPT Press, March 2010).
Stacey, along with practically everyone else in the U.S., was startled to hear that some of the rich and famous celebrities of Hollywood had cheated to get their children admitted to elite colleges. "I understand there are serious repercussions of an unfair college admittance system, and I hope the lawsuits to come will help create accountability and transparency."
In the meantime, Stacey decided to ha…

Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin may be trying to hide on social media, but famous felines are coming forward in a new tell-all book to confess about their roles in the college emissions scandal: Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal.

In Pieces

In Piecesby Sally FieldRaise your hand if you thought Sally Field might be the one person on the planet who had been blessed with a perfect set of life circumstances. Me, either. 

Her lifelong challenges were as real and profoundly disturbing as those of many other people. The good news is that Sally's wisdom and self-awareness turned her experiences into a candid, compelling memoir that all of her fans -- as well as everyone who appreciates autobiographies, as I do -- should read. Candid and compelling, "In Pieces" is a story that deserved to be told, and Sally should be gratified that she had the ability to tell it so well. Solid, poignant writing by a gifted and highly skilled actor. She is as good at parsing words as she is at working a stage (and screen).

Five stars! See my full review on Amazon.

Catatonia Emerges in a New Book

How can catatonia be a major psychiatric illness when no-one knows what it is? Could it be that psychiatry has lost touch with the real mental disorders? The question is important because catatonia is probably more treatable than anything else in psychiatry. And it affects one patient in every ten with a serious illness — but first it has to be recognized.
It is not a form of “schizophrenia,” and does not respond well to the anti-schizophrenic drugs that many doctors might be inclined to use.  
In his novel, The Winter Soldier, Daniel Mason writes of a World War I soldier's body that is curled up among a pile of roots: "Alive...But it doesn’t move. It doesn’t speak." The fictional soldier's body only twitches when someone touches his shoulder. "The man’s eyes were wide, his nose flared, as he tried to take in breath. But no words, nothing save the flinch, the stare," the novel continues.
That is a fair description of catatonia, a bodily condition. Staring,…