Feline Operation Barfitty Blues

Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal

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Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal

"Everyone's heard of the college admissions scandal by now. It's time to learn about the college emissions scandal. It also stinks." So says Stacey J. Miller, author of the new book, Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal (BPT Press, March 2010).

Stacey, along with practically everyone else in the U.S., was startled to hear that some of the rich and famous celebrities of Hollywood had cheated to get their children admitted to elite colleges. "I understand there are serious repercussions of an unfair college admittance system, and I hope the lawsuits to come will help create accountability and transparency."

In the meantime, Stacey decided to have some fun with the absurd side of the story. "People paying half a million dollars to get their kids into a choice college is unimaginable to me. So my imagination flew to something I could wrap my mind around: what would happen if felines were involved? I started to write Feline Operation Barfitty Blues within a week after the story broke," Stacey continues. "It turned something awful into something that was quite a lot of fun -- in the context of cats."

Mama Mothball, the glamorous star of "Full Mouse," "Fuller Mouse," and some of the greatest Gnat Flix movies, has confessed to "The Morning Hairball" about the role she played in turning her privilege into an invitation for her precious little meat dumpling, Queen Bee Mothball, to stink up the lunchroom of the Mousers Institute of Technology.

And she wasn't alone. Simplicity Huffers was also in on the scheme. But why are all the richest and most famous felines of Cattywood complaining?

How did their diabolical scheme come to light? And how will it all end? Find out in this tell-all book. Felines are meowing about it!

"When the world goes crazy, interjecting some humor into the discussion is a way to cope," Stacey explains. "I chose to enlist the help of some cats," Stacey explains. "Their motives and actions usually are a lot more understandable than those of humans!"

Feline Operation Barfitty Blues
By Stacey J. Miller
BPT Press
Visit the book's page on Amazon 

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