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Writing Samples

Writing Samples  by Stacey J. Miller You can see my latest two books on Amazon.  1. Getting Past Childhood Bullying: How Adults Can Recover From Trauma That Began at School (BPT Press, 2018) 2. Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal (BPT Press, 2019) Writing Sample 1 The Truth About Root Canals Meta : You may associate the phrase "root canal" with intolerable suffering. Ask yourself, though, which is likely to hurt you more: intractable tooth pain, or having a root canal. What Is a Root Canal? A root canal, which means removing an infected nerve, is a generally accepted way to relieve serious tooth pain. Since the tooth's nerve serves no vital function, you can eliminate it with impunity in the event of severe tooth decay, injury, or infection. Most of the time, root canals are relatively safe and effective. There are few risks associated with having the procedure, while there are many potential drawbacks to avoiding it